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Wednesday 23 Oct, 2024, at digitalCHURCH Aachen

Give your company the push it needs. Meet with ScalEUup, in cooperation with digitalHUB Aachen e.V., for 90 minutes to get free advice on your specific challenges.

How can you apply?

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The Time To Grow Your Scale-Up Is Now.

We deliver world class coaching and support to scale you up (ScalEUup) to a future-proof company.


Our Mission

We support the Meuse Rhine Euregion in becoming an innovative, and sustainable economic pillar of Europe.

Our Vision

ScalEUup wants to help the Meuse Rhine Euregion grow into an important economic region of Europe based on three pillars:

  • Enabled by cross border Incubation with the knowledge institutes and the associated campuses in the Euregion, we identify, monitor and guide the emerging companies, ready to scale up, into new economic engines for the region.
  • Connect the three countries Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium by helping emerging companies with innovative products and services, grow across borders within the Meuse Rhine Euregion.
  • Identify, inform and mobilize investors and investment funds across borders of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to develop and grow companies, ready to scale, in order to anchor them in the Meuse Rhine Euregion.
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How We Help

We partner with scale-up business in energy, environment, digital, fintech, and social in the Meuse Rhine Euregion.


Experience the power of 135 years of combined management expertise as our accomplished team of successful managers fuels your business growth.


We adapt to meet your business at any stage, confidently handling diverse situations to ensure your success.


Once the start-up is secured and ready to scale-up, our team will offer hands-on support until you will be strong enough to run your own business and/or handle all investor duties when applicable.


Tap into our extensive investor network, as we seamlessly align your goals with the perfect match.

Is Every Scale-Up Business Eligible?

For a scale-up business to take part in our programme, they must:

Be Based in Meuse Rhine Euregion

Be guided by Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles

Have 3+ years of revenue and 2+ years’ worth of audited books

Understand the market with proof of customer success to date

Be willing to follow advice, adapt processes, and make changes

To find out whether you qualify, please complete the intake form. Even if your application is unsuccessful, we will offer action points for you to take on board.

Meet Our Team

ScalEUup is led by professionals with over 135 years joint experience in management, leadership, finance, HR, sales, marketing, and strategy. 

When you partner with us, you can feel reassured knowing your scale-up business is in capable hands.

Co-founder ScalEUup
Co-founder ScalEUup
Co-founder ScalEUup
Senior Associate
Senior Associate

How it works

The entry into the process is possible at different steps.

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